Saturday, 4 July 2009

Acrylic Nails...

Ok, so i know there really bad for your nails and cost a lot of money......but its so worth it isn't it????

I ve been getting acrylics for a couple of years now, and although my natural nails are now in really bad condition, my nails and hands always look good and well groomed, it takes the hassle out of worrying about your nails, and only takes half an hour once every two weeks to keep them in tip top shape!

In my opinion, they are definitely worth it!

Here are pics of my nails at the min, I usually just get french tips airbrushed on, but decided to get something a little diff this time just for a change....

What do you guys think??

They are airbrushed white stripes, with hand painted silver stripes...

think this look makes a nice change for m my everyday french manicure!

Thinking bout doing a NOTW each time i get infills what do you guys think ??


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  1. I love acrylic nails, I did my own a few weeks ago but they were a COMPLETE disaster! xx