Thursday, 27 August 2009


Quick question guys!!

I get paid some mega hauls coming soon!!!

But have been thinking of investing in a pair of uggs recently....not sure whether to take the plunge as im really worried there going to be completely out of fashion before the winter gets here?? what do u guys think? Like most of u, i live in leggings and think uggs would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe...but dont want to spend lots of money on something thats on its way out!!! let me know what you guys think!!!

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mwah xxxx

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hey Girlies!! In's and Out's!

Ok so firstly apologies for the complete lack of posts recently, but as its my day off today i decided to give my blog a bit of a revamp and start again....
So from now on I solemnly sweasr to keep up with my blog and post as much as possible!!

To be honest this month has been so busy, i started a new job on the first, my first real full time job now that ive finished uni!!! Due to the lack of money until i get paid i also havent been able to go shopping, so no hauls :-( ...
But....i do get paid next friday so expect lots of new goodies!!

Ok so on to my IN'S!!
  • Getting paid next friday and FINALLY being able to go shopping again!!
  • Booked a trip home to Ireland this week, been missing my friends loads, and managed to organise a weekend I got my flight for £10, with no hidden charges or taxes!! Bargain!!
  • The weather, although Im stuck inside in work all day, its nice to know the sun is shining and ings are perfect for sitting in the garden having a glass of wine!
  • I won a competition! Well I won 5th place, but i still won! The lovely marcia from legseleven7 sent me the most gorgeous necklace from topshop that is just so me, and a peachy highlighter from them both, thanks hunni!!

and my OUT'S!

  • My skin, although it seemed to be clearing up recently the past back it has really flared up again...its making me feel really self conscious and generally just bringing my mood down...not a happy bunny!!!
  • My hair, my hair is also getting me down as of late, i am the proud owner of a graduated bob, but i have the front a lot longer than the back, which looks good when its blowdried perfectly, but after running around work all day the front starts to flick outwards and it looks ridiculous...think i may need to go in for the chop soon!!

Think thats all girlies!! Hope u enjoyed!! xxx

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Mini Haul!

So i went shopping today and thought I would show you what I picked up!!

I ve been going through a serious lip phase recently, and have been purchasing lip products all over the place! I think due to the weather being nicer I dont want to spend forever on my eye
make-up and have been goin for a more statement lip with a quick coat of mascara!
Firstly I picked up 2 more of the Barry M Lip Paints in no. 53 and no.54

These lipsticks both look very similar but as you can see from the swatches, 54 has a lot more shimmer while 53 is rather matte. I love these two corally colours, they look great with a tan and really make a statement!

I also picked up two of the GOSH Cool Lip Jams to go with these. The one on the left is 104 a peachy corally colour. The one on the right is 107 which is more of a baby pink nude colour.

Next i picked up a back up GOSH Darling as GOSH are 3 for 2 in Superdrug at the min. And the Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner in black. Ive been looking for the perfect liquid liner for a while and have read a number of great reviews on this product so thought I would give it a go!

Finally I picked up the Benefit Brow-zings in Medium. I love love love this product! It is just perfect for me, it contains a tinted wax to shape your brows and a powder to fill in any areas that need it. It all comes in this handy little compact with two brush applicators and tiny tiny tweezers to tidy up your brows!

I will do a full review on this product shortly, showing the before and after pic's of my brows!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Acrylic Nails...

Ok, so i know there really bad for your nails and cost a lot of money......but its so worth it isn't it????

I ve been getting acrylics for a couple of years now, and although my natural nails are now in really bad condition, my nails and hands always look good and well groomed, it takes the hassle out of worrying about your nails, and only takes half an hour once every two weeks to keep them in tip top shape!

In my opinion, they are definitely worth it!

Here are pics of my nails at the min, I usually just get french tips airbrushed on, but decided to get something a little diff this time just for a change....

What do you guys think??

They are airbrushed white stripes, with hand painted silver stripes...

think this look makes a nice change for m my everyday french manicure!

Thinking bout doing a NOTW each time i get infills what do you guys think ??