Thursday, 27 August 2009


Quick question guys!!

I get paid some mega hauls coming soon!!!

But have been thinking of investing in a pair of uggs recently....not sure whether to take the plunge as im really worried there going to be completely out of fashion before the winter gets here?? what do u guys think? Like most of u, i live in leggings and think uggs would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe...but dont want to spend lots of money on something thats on its way out!!! let me know what you guys think!!!

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mwah xxxx

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hey Girlies!! In's and Out's!

Ok so firstly apologies for the complete lack of posts recently, but as its my day off today i decided to give my blog a bit of a revamp and start again....
So from now on I solemnly sweasr to keep up with my blog and post as much as possible!!

To be honest this month has been so busy, i started a new job on the first, my first real full time job now that ive finished uni!!! Due to the lack of money until i get paid i also havent been able to go shopping, so no hauls :-( ...
But....i do get paid next friday so expect lots of new goodies!!

Ok so on to my IN'S!!
  • Getting paid next friday and FINALLY being able to go shopping again!!
  • Booked a trip home to Ireland this week, been missing my friends loads, and managed to organise a weekend I got my flight for £10, with no hidden charges or taxes!! Bargain!!
  • The weather, although Im stuck inside in work all day, its nice to know the sun is shining and ings are perfect for sitting in the garden having a glass of wine!
  • I won a competition! Well I won 5th place, but i still won! The lovely marcia from legseleven7 sent me the most gorgeous necklace from topshop that is just so me, and a peachy highlighter from them both, thanks hunni!!

and my OUT'S!

  • My skin, although it seemed to be clearing up recently the past back it has really flared up again...its making me feel really self conscious and generally just bringing my mood down...not a happy bunny!!!
  • My hair, my hair is also getting me down as of late, i am the proud owner of a graduated bob, but i have the front a lot longer than the back, which looks good when its blowdried perfectly, but after running around work all day the front starts to flick outwards and it looks ridiculous...think i may need to go in for the chop soon!!

Think thats all girlies!! Hope u enjoyed!! xxx